Johnny's Death Star Deck

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Not the most competetive deck, but the games I've played with it have been some of the most fun and memorable I've ever played. Death Star (C) is the centerpiece of the deck. It can set up a weird situation where it's the only unit you have in play, but the game doesn't end. It's ability lets you blow up all units in the ground arena if you control the space arena. Since no one controls ground and you control space, no one wins and the game continues. The strategy is just to have more ground units than your opponent, and win through attrition. Once you control space arena, put one unit into ground arena and retreat the rest. Your opponent can either follow suit and put a unit into the arena or let you control two arenas and win. If they put a unit in, blow them up with the Death Star and move on to the next turn. Repeat until they run out of ground units. It's a slow strategy, and gives your opponent lots of draw and build steps to get something going, but thats where most of the fun comes from. I've thought about other cards to put in to make the situation more advantageous. Blockade (PM) or Down in Flames could end the game immediately. Snowtrooper Elite Squad could weather the Death Star every turn if you have a Vader in play. I hesitate to try because of how much fun I have with it in it's current state. Love the Death Star theme (Asteroid Field as Alderaan!)