Johnny's Jawas

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Deck objective: Reduce the build cost of your jawas to zero, then churn through your deck to find them. Space arena will be sacrificed for build points. Droid draw engine: k-3po reduces the cost of your droids by one, and let's you draw a card when you deploy one. This bonus also applies if you deploy a second k-3po, since he is also a droid (one of them is immediately discarded because of the unique rule). On top of this, k-3po also triggers his own card-draw ability, so by deploying a second copy, you draw two cards. If Lars Homestead is in play, you will pay one build point for two cards. C-3po(b) also works by deploying a second copy. After you deploy a second c-3po, you must discard one immediately because of the unique rule. If you discard (b) you get to draw two cards from his ability. If k-3po is in play you will also draw one from the deploy. If Lars Homestead is in play all this will cost one build point. This deck is not easy to navigate and will take practice to know when to play what. Building a deck with more than 60 cards is usually a bad idea, but there's enough card-draw and searchers here to keep it fairly consistent. Note that the IDC made a rules change regarding unique unit deployment which makes the draw engine function in a different manner.