Johnny's Bib Fortuna Deck

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Deck objective: make Bib Fortuna enormous! Bib's ability let's you put a neutral unit underneath him in exchange for +20 speed, +2 power, and +2 health. This ability can be played once per turn, BUT he gets this bonus for each CARD underneath him, not each UNIT. So a fully stacked Lando tucked under Bib will give him +80 +8 +8. We can take this even further if Lando (F) is on top of the stack. His tap ability let's you put the top two cards of your deck face down under him. Since these cards move with Lando when he's put under Bib and count toward the bonuses, he's a perfect fit. And since Lando's a diplomat we can use Rapid Recovery to untap him and load even more cards under him. With four copies of Rapid Recovery it's possible (but unlikely) to get Bib's stats to 310/31/32 on turn one. 320/32/33 if Jabba's Palace is on the board. If you play the long game he can get even bigger. Use Streets of Tatooine to retreat Lando (F) each turn after putting cards underneath him. Use Lando's Influence to snag one of your opponent's neutral units, then feed it to Bib.