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This deck is primarily to use force as an advantage to keep Durge alive as long as possible. Prefer drawing Durge during setup and put into setup or during the first build step. Search for the rebels hopefully insures that your opponent will not have any ground locations that will knock out cloud city battle grounds/forests of Endor. This way your battle cards can be played at a discount. Savage attack + 4-Loms reserves ability basically makes Durge's attack dice hit at Accuracy 2. Vader's summons keeps any lurking units in your opponent's build zone accountable to face Durge head on. Cloud city gives Durge armor for free using armored plating. In order to rack up force, use Boba Fett (H) for hidden cost purposes then in the second build step use Tyranus's return for 2 BP to bring Boba Fett back to your hand for an extra 9 force. Only do this if Durge is in the character arena. Blizzard force AT ensures you can draw a location.