Johnny's Supply/Plan Jawas

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An alternate version of my other jawa deck. Departure Time is removed in favor of a Jawa Supply Trip/Contingency Plan combo. Supply Trip puts a build point on a droid from your hand for each jawa you have in play, and Contingency Plan removes the build points from that droid and lets you spend them any way you want. Future Sight is added to take advantage of this potentially explosive amount of build points, along with the force that went unused in the previous version of the deck. Early game is played the same, getting cards into play that reduce the build cost of your jawas, but mid to late game is more focused on drawing cards instead of playing Tatooine Sandcrawlers. The best line of play is to Supply/Plan on turn 2/3/4/5 into Future Sight, filtering or outright drawing a massive number of cards, dropping all the free jawas you come across, then playing an even bigger Supply/Plan if you drew into it. With those build points you can use the second best line of play: daisy chaining Tatooine Sandcrawlers into the ground arena, topped off with an IG-88 into character. Without Departure Time, Escape Pods are useless, so they were removed in favor of Corellian Star Shuttles. This gives slightly more viability to a space arena fight, along with the ability to draw more cards. With a higher card count, the deck isn't as consistent as it's previous version, and Supply/Plan is kind of a "win more" combo (not so great if your jawas are dead), but it's fun when it works.