Johnny's Trade Federation Deck

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Yet another Trade Federation deck. This deck's objective: reduce the build cost of your droids to zero and flood the table with free droids, then use Dark Sacrifice to boost their power to overwhelming levels. My most powerful deck, but it's a bit of a glass cannon. The deck relies heavily on Nute Gunray, TF Hangar, and Dark Sacrifice. During setup you need to find Nute and TF Hangar. If you don't have both in your opening hand, mulligan away all non-units (except for a Hangar). Play your small units out to dig further into the deck. It's tempting to play a Vulture droid during setup, but hold off until Nute is in play and Hangar is in hand. Keep digging. Hang on to any MTTs you find, and partially build one for your last card. Its deploy ability is what drives the deck. When you deploy one, make sure to grab another when you search for droids. Ground arena will usually be your strongest arena because you will be spending all your build points on MTTs once your droids come out for free. The deck is incredibly flexible as you can search up droids for any arena and add power to any arena with Dark Sacrifice. I prefer fighting a space battle over a character battle. C-9979 was chosen to get some value before being Sacrificed. Most of the big build-cost TF units are too slow to attack before being pitched. C-9979 is no exception, but you get to draw a card before it goes. None of the TF space units have defensive abilities (WotC), but C-9979 has above average health for its cost and can absorb some damage if it needs to. DFS-1VR will usually blow itself up for a power boost, so Take the Initiative was added to bring them back. Nute's intercept ability really gels TF decks. It's almost always preferable to spread damage out on your units instead of letting them die, as you can't attack with a unit that's been discarded. Rune is especially useful when combined with intercept as his retreat ability lets you negate an attack every turn. This is usually combined with Rebel Surrender, but I've chosen to omit it in favor of Dark Sacrifice. Rebel Surrender can be incredibly powerful, but it only works for character arena. Battle Protocol Droid is your best target for Departure Time as you gain two cards along with the build points. Its draw-two ability can also be triggered by deploying a second copy (discard one because they're unique). If you don't have a Dark Sacrifice in hand, you can search up a couple of BPDs with an MTT and use them to draw cards. Along with Departure Time, San Hill can fuel the fire with his build-gain ability. Absolutely play him during setup if you get a copy. I'm not completely sold on Separatist Battle Droid, and if any cards were to come out of the deck I would start with this one. He's an ok DS target. He's faster than your other characters so he can attack before he's DS'ed, and draws you a card, to boot. Only costs 1BP after cost reduction which is great because, again, you want to spend all your BP on MTTs. Because the deck needs Dark Sacrifice so much, it may be good to swap out Separatist Battle Droid for IT-O Interrogator Droid, and Take the Initiative for Slumming on Coruscant to protect it from being disrupted.