Bounty Hunter's Lesson

Bounty Hunter's Lesson

Avg. Rating 5.0
1 Rating


Side Neutral
Rarity Uncommon
Version A
Type Mission



Card Number
55 / 183

Independent Development Committee
Publish Date

Independent Development Committee

Card Text

When an attacking unit would do damage equal to or greater than the defending unit's remaining health, prevent up to 4 damage to the defending unit and if it's tapped, untap it.

Enhance: If there is at least 1 more build counter on Bounty Hunter's Lesson, the defending unit must attack the attacking unit with Double Damage for its next attack.


Bounty: [bonus]: A layered ability triggered during a unit discard that means, "When another unit is discarded by damage from this unit, you gain the following when your next build step starts." Bounty triggers even if the attacking unit leaves play. Bounty works in the build zone. You will gain the bounty even if the attacking unit is sent to the discard pile. The unit can't collect a bounty on itself.
Double Damage
Double Damage: An isolated, static ability played during the damage placement POP that means, "Put 1 additional damage counter on the defending unit for each 1 damage that wasn't prevented." Damage counters placed by a unit with Double Damage are in addition to the counters that would be placed normally if the attacking unit did not have Double Damage.
Enhance: [Effect]: A selective, static effect that means, "You may play the following effect by paying the additional cost." The effect states whether you play it "instead" or "also". You must declare it to get its effect.