Rulebook PDFs

Name Lang. Creator Type Size Date
Full Rulebook
15th Anniversary Edition
EN IDC PDF 10 MB 06/02/2021
Reglamento Expandido
Jedi Knight Edition en Español
ES IDC PDF 9 MB 11/05/2019
Expanded Rulebook
Jedi Knight Edition
EN IDC PDF 30 MB 10/23/2019
Expanded Rulebook
Rogue One Edition
EN IDC PDF 19 MB 06/25/2018
Expanded Rulebook
A Galaxy Divided Edition
EN IDC PDF 8 MB 03/01/2016
Expanded Rulebook
The Old Republic Edition
EN IDC PDF 7 MB 12/01/2014
Expanded Rulebook
Rule of Two Edition
EN IDC PDF 1 MB 07/01/2014
Optional Play Rules
SITH Edition
EN IDC PDF 16 MB 09/01/2011
Optional Play Rules
SITH Large Print Edition
EN IDC PDF 6 MB 09/01/2011
Eratta, Rulings & FAQ
Mandalorians Edition
EN IDC PDF 1 MB 04/01/2011
Condensed Rulebook
Mandalorians Edition
EN IDC PDF 17 MB 04/01/2011
Battle of Hoth Edition
EN IDC PDF 1 MB 09/01/2009
Eratta, Rulings & FAQ EN WOTC PDF 1 MB 05/17/2005
Revenge of the Sith Edition
EN WOTC PDF 2 MB 05/02/2005
DCI Floor Rules EN IDC PDF 1 MB 06/20/2004
Empire Strikes Back Edition
EN WOTC PDF 13 MB 12/05/2003
A New Hope Edition
EN WOTC PDF 5 MB 12/02/2002
Attack of the Clones Edition
EN WOTC PDF 4 MB 04/01/2002


Name Type Author Size Date
Deckbuilding Guide
GoldLeader Method
PDF GoldLeader 1 MB 01/01/2020
Printing Guide
EasyHaechOven Method
DOC EasyHaechOven 1 MB 01/01/2020