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Avg. Rating 5.0
1 Rating

Side Neutral
Rarity Uncommon
Version A
Type Battle



Card Number
117 / 181

Independent Development Committee
Publish Date

Independent Development Committee

Card Text

Pay 2 Force    Each Diplomat gets +20 speed and Stun 2 until end of turn.

Enhance: Pay 2 more Force    Also discard one of your opponent's Diplomats from any arena.


Enhance: [Effect]: A selective, static effect that means, "You may play the following effect by paying the additional cost." The effect states whether you play it "instead" or "also". You must declare it to get its effect.
Stun X: A cumulative ability triggered during the damage placement POP that means, "When this unit damages another unit, that unit gets –X power until end of battle." If no damage counters are placed as a result of damage, Stun doesn't occur. Stun works anytime the unit damages another unit, not just when it attacks. Only the unit with both Deflect and Stun abilities can stun when it activates its Deflect.