Hound's Tooth (A)

Hound's Tooth (A)

Avg. Rating 9.0
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Side Neutral
Rarity Rare
Version A
Type Space



Card Number
14 / 105

Wizards of the Coast
Publish Date

Wizards of the Coast

Card Text

Shields 1

When the Space battle step starts, if Hound's Tooth doesn't have a Pilot, Hound's Tooth gets the Pilot abilities of one of your Pilots in the Character arena until end of turn.

Usage Notes

Hound's Tooth may gain the Pilot abilities of any Pilot in your Character arena no matter what unit subtype the Pilot is allowed to Pilot.

Hound's Tooth gains Pilot abilities exactly as written. For example, in the case of Wedge Antilles (B), the Tooth gains +20 speed, +2 power, Accuracy 1, and gets "When this Speeder would be damaged, prevent 2 of that damage." However, since the Tooth is a Transport, Wedge's last ability will do nothing (unless of course some other card modified the Tooth to gain the Speeder subtype).

Nien Nunb (A) still grants his piloting bonuses to Hound's Tooth despite there being no extra pilot.


[sub-type] Pilot: A layered, static ability written as "[sub-type] Pilot. The [sub-type] gets:… ." that means, "You may move this card onto or off of a non-Droid Space or Ground unit of the correct sub-type once during the build step. Ignore all other text on this card except its name, sub-type and health. The piloted unit can't have more than one Pilot." Treat all of a unit's Pilot abilities for a sub-type as a single Pilot ability for that sub-type. It grants abilities to that unit alone. See the "Pilots" section of the rules PDF for more info.
Shields X: A cumulative, static ability that means, "The attacking unit gets –X power against this unit." Shields only matters when attack dice are rolled. If you give a unit Shields after your opponent has rolled for damage, it doesn't affect the roll.