Qui-Gon's Guidance

Qui-Gon's Guidance

Avg. Rating 5.0
1 Rating

Side Light
Rarity Rare
Version A
Type Battle
Points 3



Card Number
66 / 300

Independent Development Committee
Publish Date

Independent Development Committee

Card Text

Pay 2 Force    One of your units without Focus gets Focus 2 until it is discarded. If that unit is Obi-Wan Kenobi or Yoda, Qui-Gon's Guidance can't be disrupted.

Pay 2 Force    Meditate


Focus X: A cumulative ability triggered by the initial dice roll that means, "When you roll at least one natural five with this unit's attack dice before re-roll, this unit gets +X power for its next attack." Only the first natural "5" counts. A five rolled after re-roll doesn't matter. Focus applies only to dice rolled for an attack, not to dice rolls for abilities like Retaliate. Accuracy can't increase the die roll to a natural "5."
Meditate: An isolated effect activated during a POP chance or your build step that means, "You may play this card from your discard pile without paying the printed cost. Play only during a POP chance or during your build step. When this card would be discarded, remove it from the game instead." Meditate can only be activated when the card is in your discard pile. Paying the Meditate activation cost means you don't pay the normal printed cost of the card.