To Your Stations

To Your Stations

Avg. Rating 5.0
1 Rating


Side Light
Rarity Rare
Version A
Type Resource
Points 3



Card Number
66 / 225

Independent Development Committee
Publish Date

Independent Development Committee

Card Text

When your build step starts, add 1 counter to this Resource for each of your Pilots in any arena.

Remove 5 counters    Each of your Pilots costs 2 less build counters to deploy until end of turn. Play only during your build step.


[sub-type] Pilot: A layered, static ability written as "[sub-type] Pilot. The [sub-type] gets:… ." that means, "You may move this card onto or off of a non-Droid Space or Ground unit of the correct sub-type once during the build step. Ignore all other text on this card except its name, sub-type and health. The piloted unit can't have more than one Pilot." Treat all of a unit's Pilot abilities for a sub-type as a single Pilot ability for that sub-type. It grants abilities to that unit alone. See the "Pilots" section of the rules PDF for more info.