Shimrra's Strategy

Shimrra's Strategy

Avg. Rating 5.0
1 Rating


Side Yuuzhan Vong
Rarity Uncommon
Version A
Type Mission
Points 2



Card Number
71 / 130

Independent Development Committee
Publish Date

Independent Development Committee

Card Text

Reduced Cost 2: If Shimrra Jamaane is in any arena.

Add 2 counters to your Resource, and you may remove up to 2 counters from your opponent's Resource. If Shimrra Jamaane is in any arena, add 1 more counter to your Resource, and you may remove 1 more counter from your opponent's Resource.


Reduced Cost
Reduced Cost X: A selective, static effect that means, "This card’s cost is X if the listed condition is met." Reduced Cost on cards refers to the build cost, except for Battle cards, where it refers to the Force activation cost. For this keyword, the conditional statement will always start with "If" for clarity. The condition must be met in order for you to be able to pay the "Reduced Cost."