Mon Calamari Gun Emplacement

Mon Calamari Gun Emplacement

Avg. Rating 5.0
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Side Light
Rarity Common
Version A
Type Ground




Card Number
77 / 105

Independent Development Committee
Publish Date

Independent Development Committee

Card Text

Alternative Cost: Tap 3 of your New Republic Officers in the Character arena.

Accuray 1

Ion Cannon 3

, Pay 1 build point    Take 1 40/3/2 Sea Commando Squad Subordinate and put it into the Ground or Character arena. Play only during your build step.


Alternative Cost
Alternative Cost: [cost]: A selective, static effect that means, "Instead of paying the build cost of this card, you may complete this card by paying the [cost] listed." Alternative Cost must be paid in full, if it is not possible to pay the [cost] completely, you can't complete the card. You must pay the [cost] in the order listed. Any ability that reduces the normal cost to complete a card does not reduce the [cost] in that card's Alternative Cost, unless the ability specifically says so.
Ion Cannon
Ion Cannon X: A cumulative, static ability that means, "This unit may attack a unit in the Space arena instead of the Ground arena, using X power plus any other effects." You choose whether to use Ion Cannon to attack a unit in the Space arena or to make a normal attack in the Ground arena. You can’t attack a unit in the Ground arena using Ion Cannon. Power changes affect Ion Cannon.