Name Sort Version Sort Expansion Sort Side Sort Type Sort Subtype Sort Sort Sort Sort Sort
Clone Wars: Battle Lines Light Subordinate Ground - Republic Clone Speeder 50 2 2
Clone Wars: Battle Lines Light Location Ground - Character - Republic Clone Coruscant Facility 2
Battle of Hoth Light Equipment Ground - Character - Blaster Rifle Weapon 2
Fires of Rebellion Neutral Location Ground - Agamar Battlefield 1
The Dark Times Light Subordinate Ground - Ahakistan Rebel Squad 40 4 3
The Last Jedi Light Location Ground - Jedi Ahch-To Settlement 4
Ahto City B R
The Old Republic: Knights and Exiles Neutral Location Ground/Character - Selkath Manarn City 0
The Rise of Skywalker Light Location Ground - Resistance Ajan Kloss Forest Facility 3
Rogue Squadron Dark Location Space/Ground - Imperial Borleirs Facility 2
The New Jedi Order: The Unifying Force Neutral Equipment Ground/Character - Biological Armor Defense - Melee Weapon 2
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