Cobb Vanth (D)

Cobb Vanth (D)

Avg. Rating 5.0
1 Rating


Side Light
Rarity Uncommon
Version D
Type Character


Card Number
59 / 183

Independent Development Committee
Publish Date

Independent Development Committee

Card Text

Focus 2

Cobbs gets Lucky 3 when attacking or being attacked by a unit with 1 or more corruption counters on it.

As long as there are 3 or less units in this arena, Cobb's total speed is equal to the total speed of your opponent's Characters with the highest total speed.


Focus X: A cumulative ability triggered by the initial dice roll that means, "When you roll at least one natural five with this unit's attack dice before re-roll, this unit gets +X power for its next attack." Only the first natural "5" counts. A five rolled after re-roll doesn't matter. Focus applies only to dice rolled for an attack, not to dice rolls for abilities like Retaliate. Accuracy can't increase the die roll to a natural "5."
Lucky X: A cumulative, static ability that means, "Each time this unit attacks or is attacked, you may re-roll up to X of this unit's attack dice or have your opponent re-roll up to X attack dice against this unit." Both players can use Lucky effects according to the rules for POP chances. Lucky is used only once after all triggered re-roll effects resolve. You can't re-roll more dice than are rolled for the attack. You may choose to roll any number of dice up to the Lucky value.

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