Kyp Durron (B)

Kyp Durron (B)

Avg. Rating 5.0
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Side Light
Rarity Uncommon
Version B
Type Character
Points 2



Card Number
38 / 76

Independent Development Committee
Publish Date

Independent Development Committee

Card Text

Fury 3

Parry 1

Pay 2 Force    Evade 2


Evade X: A layered ability activated during the damage prevention POP that means, "Prevent up to X damage to this unit." You can play Evade only once for each instance of damage. You don't have to use all of the Evade. You choose how much damage to Evade up to X, even if the full amount of damage or more is pending.
Fury X: A cumulative ability triggered by the initial dice roll that means, "When you roll at least one natural four with this unit's attack dice before re-roll, roll X additional attack dice." Only the first natural "4" counts. A four rolled after re-roll doesn't matter. If your unit gets the Fury ability after you roll attack dice, it's too late to roll additional attack dice. Fury applies only to dice rolled for an attack, not to dice rolls for abilities like Retaliate. Accuracy can't increase the die roll to a natural "4."
Parry X: A cumulative ability triggered during the damage prevention POP that means, "If the attacking unit rolled at least one natural '1' against this unit, prevent X damage to this unit." Only one natural "1" is counted from the attack roll after re-rolls. Parry doesn't prevent damage from a parrying unit unless it attacks itself. Parry can't affect unpreventable damage. If a unit gets the Parry ability after you roll attack dice, it's too late to affect the damage. Accuracy can't decrease the die roll to a natural "1". However, you or your opponent may use an effect to re-roll dice to affect the number of natural ones. (You only count the 1, if any, from the roll used for the attack.) Parry applies only to dice rolled for an attack, not to dice rolls for abilities like Retaliate.

More Info

Kyp Durron was a Human male who was a polarizing figure in galactic history, both a leading Jedi Master in Luke Skywalker's New Jedi Order and a man responsible for many deaths during his anti-Imperial rampage in 11 ABY. Incarcerated in the spice mines of Kessel by the Galactic Empire at an early age, Durron's deep anger against his imprisoners was easily exploited by the spirit of Dark Lord of the Sith Exar Kun, once Han Solo rescued the young Force-sensitive and took him to Luke Skywalker's Jedi Praxeum on Yavin 4. Under Kun's guidance, Durron stole the Sun Crusher superweapon and embarked upon a vendetta, destroying several Imperial targets and unwittingly killing his own brother in the process. Only after Kun's influence had been banished did Durron begin a long quest for absolution which led him to become Skywalker's most talented pupil and one of the first Jedi Masters of the New Jedi Order.

Despite Durron's reformation, his desire to repent for his actions manifested itself in a high-profile campaign against smugglers in the Outer Rim Territories as part of a philosophy of direct action against those whom he perceived as wrong-doers. When the extragalactic Yuuzhan Vong attacked the galaxy in 25 ABY, Durron was one of the first to meet the threat, losing his apprentice and many other fellow Jedi in the opening months of the war. His policy of aggressive action was enhanced in the face of the Yuuzhan Vong menace and Durron began leading like-minded Jedi to war, against the wishes of Skywalker. Following further losses, Durron briefly took Jaina Solo as his apprentice and was later reconciled with Skywalker following Galactic Alliance Chief of State Cal Omas' creation of the High Council, upon which both men had seats. Durron saw the war through to its conclusion and remained one of Skywalker's leading advisors on the newly formed Jedi High Council.

In 35 ABY, when a border conflict between the Chiss Ascendancy and the insectoid Killik species flared out of control, a group of younger Jedi departed to fight on behalf of the Killiks, provoking Chief of State Omas to attempt to gain more control over the Jedi Order. Durron, as the proponent of the philosophy that Jedi should follow the guidance of the Force rather than the policies of the reigning government, stridently opposed Omas, upholding his principles throughout the course of the conflict. The Jedi Master later found himself fighting the Galactic Alliance directly during the Second Galactic Civil War, when Jaina Solo's twin brother Jacen Solo took control of the government and attempted to impose Sith rule upon the galaxy as Darth Caedus. Following Jacen Solo's defeat, the galaxy entered into a period of reformation under the direction of Chief of State Natasi Daala, one of Durron's former Imperial enemies. Daala's policies included attempts to curb the autonomy of the Jedi Order, which Durron weathered alongside the emerging threat of a mysterious Force psychosis.

Source: Wookieepedia

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