Shadow Collective

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Shadow Collective is a deck, created by the IDC, featuring cards almost entirely from the Battle Lines expansion. This 60-card deck is centered around Darth Maul (K), Savage Opress (C), and Pre Vizsla (C). Unholy Alliance and Pre Vizsla (C) both give useful build point discounts, while some Well-Earned Meals will bring you much-needed Force to take advantage of the many Hidden Cost abilities featured in this deck. Enemy of My Enemy offers cheap Protection for your units, while Maul’s Leadership can give your units the boost needed to get those Well-Earned Meals. Brotherly Bond and Darksaber (A) give useful buffs and can be searched for using Darth Maul (L)’s Bounty ability. Separatist Landing Craft has the versatility of letting you get another card, build point, or resource counter each turn depending on what you need most. Nite Owls (A) (with Bo-Katan (B) to buff it) and Umbaran Assault Wing give you access to Subordinates for each of the 3 arenas should you need backup during battle. Remember, you can keep any number of these Subordinates in your supply as they are separate from your deck. Mandalore Battlefield and Gauntlet (A) allow searches for more Death Watch units, while Shadow Collective (A), Death Watch Aerial Team, and Strikers round out your Ground forces. Overall, this deck focuses on winning the Ground and Character arena, with the minimum required Space units serving in a supporting role.