Empire vs. Vong-DS

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This is my first deck that I'm creating for this game, so keep that in mind. Imagine an alternate universe where Emperor Palpatine succeeded in his plan to prepare the galaxy for the Yuuzhan Vong invasion--this might be what happens. The object of this deck is to get a firm grip on the Space arena off the bat with Thrawn (C) and his excellent Pilot ability; his Command Room is also very useful here, not to mention hard for your opponent to discard. Once you've summoned enough fighters and Space Task Forces to keep the Vong fleet at bay, you can use the Death Stars to deal with any capital ships that come your way, or clear the Ground arena if needed with Death Star (C) and the TIE Bombers. Tarkin is so excited to see his little toy being used for war that he'll be more than happy to keep it running for you. It's all about coordination on the ground. The Yuuzhan Vong can be dangerous here, so use Veers to get your walkers moving against the enemy. Some of the Emperor's best troops have also joined up to help. If you run short on a presence here, the Death Star is always waiting to take some Imperials with the Vong. All for the Emperor's glory, after all. Character arena can be kind of a toss up, so make sure you use the characters that aren't pilots to the best of your ability. Vader will naturally want to take the fight to hideous aliens that hate the Force, and he will inspire the fighting men of the Empire to do the same, even if it means motivating them through fear. The Emperor himself will inspire your men to carry on, as well. The rest of the cards should explain themselves; I will be making a Vong deck to go with this one that matches up really well. The fate of the galaxy is in the balance, after all. Have fun!