Empire vs. Vong-YV

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Imagine an alternate universe where Emperor Palpatine succeeded in his plan to defend the galaxy from the Yuuzhan Vong invasion. This might be what happened...This deck is designed to present a challenge to my Empire vs. Vong-DS deck, like that one is for this one. Numbers and surprise are the name of the game for the Vong's invasion succeeding. Just because the Empire is prepared for your coming doesn't mean they can anticipate all your moves or withstand the full brunt of your assault. In Space, the goal is to keep Thrawn's fighters occupied with as many Coralskippers as you can, while the invasion fleets can deal with the capital ships. Don't worry so much about the Death Stars; that's why you have spy ships to see what that cheeky Chiss and the Emperor's other minions are up to! The battle on the ground will provide ample opportunities to dominate the Imperial infidels. Use multi-arena units to your full advantage to protect your Magma Missile Cannons as they try to knock out the technological terrors in the skies above. Veers may present a challenge with his relentlessness, but you have the faster units, as well. The Character arena can be a toss up, but even the Dark Lords of the Sith will be overwhelmed by many of the Vong's most elite warriors while their men struggle to keep a foothold in space and on whatever planet is next in your path of conquest. Yo'gand's Core being unleashed is sure to terrify those Imperials who relied on sheltered command centers to guide their forces, and the whims of your gods, the true gods, will be in your favor. These pesky humans (and one alien) who serve a man guided by the horrid Force are all that stand between you and galactic domination, so die as a warrior!