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Mon Mothma's Gambit

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Based on an old discussion inspired by Jay Purvis (JangoJay) and the original Don't Get All Mushy deck compiled by Natahanial Tripp (Ketricel), I have been modifying my own version of this gambit style deck over the years. At the core, the strategy remains the same. Create a deflect loop by using Don't Get All Mushy on Mon Mothma and Anakin Solo, to then draw your entire deck with the help of Luke Skywalker. I've done my best to optimise the deck over the years and have added my own spin to some of the card interactions. I have further sacrificed the character arena to optimise build position by including Explore the Swamps. This allows me to spend only 1 build point on Lars Homestead and also allowing me to build over/replace a 3 build cost location. The Rebel Troop Cart allows me to select rebel ground units worth 4 build points instead of 3. With some of the other cards thrown in to increase the Rebel synergy this is a deck to look out for!