Vintage Dark Diplomat

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Defensive slow control deck. Basic tactic is prevent the damages each turn using dooku's bike to tutor for damage prevention battle cards and tuck them back with occupied tatooine, use imperial banker to choke your opponents build while developing your own board, mostly all units do one of the two things - draw you cards or give you build points. How do you win: Space is hard to win unless your opponent is going very light in that area but your main win cons are Sebulbas podracer (or alternitevly Rancor) and Darth Vader (or alternitevly Sarlacc) whos damage cant be prevented so basically they are gonna be the units doing damage to your opponent while you prevent all other damage being done with your battles until you fully deplete them. Your typical turn would go like this: Lott Dot prevents all damage to character area, Dooku's bike searches for Peace on Naboo preventing all damage in ground and in space you either use Discuss it in the Commitee or Orn Fee Taa to tap opponents biggest unit. There are a lot of other solid cards you can be playing like Blizzard Force ATST, Rancor, Sarlacc, Jabbas Sail Barge, Sly Moore (a), Rune Haako (b), Jango Fett (h), Leebo (a), IT-0 Interigator Droid, Lando (a), Asteroid package (1x Large, 2x Medium, 4x Small), Vote of No Confidence, Break off the Attack, Neimodian Cowardace, Trap Door, Clever Escape, Plea to the Senate, Carbon Freezing Chamber, Cloud City Prison, Blockaded Naboo, Cloud City Battlegrounds, etc. The biggest problem for this deck is Millenium Falcon (f) so if you expect to see it a lot I would suggest adding 1x Price of Serenity to the deck as a counter against it.