Star Wars: Trading Card Game - The Cantina (SWTCG)

ESB Two-Player Starter Light Side (WotC Official)

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This is the official Light side deck from the Empire Strikes Back series released by Wizards of the Coast. """ Set your course for the Hoth System With The Empire Strikes Back set, you can deploy Imperial walkers to begin your assault or dispatch Rebel snowspeeders to hold them off. This new, 210-card set introduces units with Armor, the ability to enhance or disrupt the effects of Battle cards, and an entirely new card type that lets you take your conflicts to specific locations in the Star Wars universe. Choose your side and continue the epic struggle. The Empire Strikes Back Two-Player Starter is for beginners who want to learn the Star Wars trading card game, play quickly, and build decks. It combines cards and dice with your strategies. Play it and determine your own destiny. Each Two-Player Starter contains identical cards and components: - 2 all-new, 30-card decks: Light Side and Dark Side. Decks contain duplicate cards. - 1 playmat (containing all the rules you need to play using the cards provided) - 1 rulebook - 6 dice """