Peeling for Piell

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Here's another deck I really enjoy playing. The main focus of this deck is to use Even Piell (A)'s ability to boost your different Jedi's power to absurd amounts to win their respective arenas. While Piell himself is not a very sturdy unit (4 health and pay 1 force --> evade 1), Obi-Wan's Spirit (A)'s got Even's back. You'll need to somehow have Obi-Wan's Spirit intercept attacks against Piell. Luckily, there are 2 intercept-granting battle cards: one that costs 2 force to intercept, and a later-released one that costs 1 force to intercept. With Obi-Wan's Spirit reducing the cost of jedi character abilities that cost 2 or more force by 1 force, he can use either intercept card for 1 force per intercept, plus Even Piell's repeatable +2-power-to-any-jedi ability will drop from 2 to 1 force, making your Jedi units hit like trucks. I've added a ton more info (probably way too much) in the comment section. Feel free to try it out, or give any feedback/suggestions. Thanks!