Online Tournament III D Clone

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Hey so this deck was created for the Second Online Tournament, I still haven't really played a whole lotta dark side so this is all pretty new to me. The whole idea for this deck is to see with the two new IDC expansion if Dark Side clones can work. Version 1.0: Character: 1 of Vader (K), Vader (I), Vader (U), Vader (S). 2 Commander Bly (A). 3 501st and 3 Shock Trooper. 2 Lama Su (A). Ground: 2 Sandtrooper Interrogators. Space: 2 Escort Carrier. Mission: 2 Capture Obi-Wan. Locations: 1 Carbon Freezing Chamber. 1 Occupied Bespin. Version 2.0: Character: Replaced 501st and Shock with Assault Trooper and Stormtrooper Sentry. Got rid of Commander Bly (A) and added 2 more Lama Su (A). Ground: Replaced Sandtrooper Interrogators with Stormtrooper Extraction Team. Space: Replaced Escort Carrier with TIE Escort. Mission: Replaced Capture Obi-Wan with 2 more Splinter the Republic. Locations: Got rid of all other locations besides Felucia Battlegrounds.