Imperial Navy Orbital Bombardment

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PRIMARY STRATEGY Quickly dominate the Space Arena through overwhelming fire superiority and support from ground units equipped with ion cannons. Units from the Character Arena are used to support the Space Arena and generate build points. Once the Space Arena is controlled, units in the Space Arena quickly pivot to bombard the Ground Arena to support other ground units. With the combined attacks from space and ground, the Rebel scum will not be able to resist firepower of this magnitude! HOW TO EXECUTE THE PRIMARY STRATEGY - This deck relies on heavily powered space units like battle stations and capital ships, therefore it is very "build point hungry". To support this there are many units and cards specifically included in order to gain more build points quickly so as to deploy the more expensive units. - There are also units in each arena that include the keyword "Intercept". These are intended to defend more valuable units. - Units in the Character Arena were chosen for their abilities to generate build points or support the Space Arena as pilots, augmenting the battle station and capital ship destructive firepower or to increase speed so they can attack before enemy starfighters. NOTES ON USAGE - Imperial Control Station: Use to augment starfighters. Used together with a piloted TIE Fighters it can make a TIE a good threat. I may be corrected later but since this is a non-unique unit, you can have both in the ground arena at the same time. A piloted interceptor with two Imperial Control Stations in play could potentially be Power:6. Use equipment cards to add shields and improve weapons even higher power and speed! - Imperial Blockade & Surprise Reinforcements - while useful separately, use together in the same turn to gain 5 build points and deny your opponent the extra points. A great one-two punch! - It's my dream to build Star Destroyers and Starfighters with pilots and equipment to create highly powerful and fast units. Mix and match to see what you can do! I mean, really, who doesn't want a Death Star with 70 speed and 17 power (Death Star A + Engine Upgrade + Pilot Speed + Weapon Upgrade) protected by a planetary shield?