Leia Organa Solo (E2)

Leia Organa Solo (E2)

Avg. Rating 5.0
1 Rating


Side Light
Rarity Common
Version E2
Type Character
Points 1



Card Number
99 / 130

Independent Development Committee
Publish Date

Independent Development Committee

Card Text

Avenge X, where X is the number of unit cards with "Skywalker" and/or "Solo" in its name in your discard pile.

Pay 6 Force    Meditate

INSERT: Resilience 1


Avenge X: A cumulative, triggered ability that means, "Whenever damage from an attacking unit causes one of your other units in the same arena as this unit to be discarded, this unit does X dice of damage to the attacking unit when the attack ends."
INSERT: A layered, static ability that means, "When this card is in play or stacked under the unit, the unit gets the following effect:" Insert works while in the build zone. The effect works while anywhere in the unit's stack. The granted ability remains to be the ability of its type. (For example, activated abilities granted by Insert may be disrupted.) The granted effect may not work in the build zone as per the rule for the rule for that effect.
Meditate: An isolated effect activated during a POP chance or your build step that means, "You may play this card from your discard pile without paying the printed cost. Play only during a POP chance or during your build step. When this card would be discarded, remove it from the game instead." Meditate can only be activated when the card is in your discard pile. Paying the Meditate activation cost means you don't pay the normal printed cost of the card.
Resilience X: A cumulative, static ability that means, "As long as this unit has at least X damage counters on it, it gets +X power."

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