R2-D2 (J)

R2-D2 (J)

Avg. Rating 10.0
3 Ratings


Side Light
Rarity Uncommon
Version J
Type Character
Points 2



Card Number
62 / 110

Wizards of the Coast
Publish Date

Wizards of the Coast


This card is banned, which means that players may not use it in a constructed tournament.

Card Text

Starfighter Pilot. The Starfighter gets: * Lucky 3. * At the start of the Space battle step, remove 1 damage counter from this unit. * This unit can have an extra Pilot as long as that Pilot isn't an Astromech Droid.

Usage Notes

Text erratum.


Lucky X: A cumulative, static ability that means, "Each time this unit attacks or is attacked, you may re-roll up to X of this unit's attack dice or have your opponent re-roll up to X attack dice against this unit." Both players can use Lucky effects according to the rules for POP chances. Lucky is used only once after all triggered re-roll effects resolve. You can't re-roll more dice than are rolled for the attack. You may choose to roll any number of dice up to the Lucky value.
[sub-type] Pilot: A layered, static ability written as "[sub-type] Pilot. The [sub-type] gets:… ." that means, "You may move this card onto or off of a non-Droid Space or Ground unit of the correct sub-type once during the build step. Ignore all other text on this card except its name, sub-type and health. The piloted unit can't have more than one Pilot." Treat all of a unit's Pilot abilities for a sub-type as a single Pilot ability for that sub-type. It grants abilities to that unit alone. See the "Pilots" section of the rules PDF for more info.

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