Grand Moff Tarkin (A)

Grand Moff Tarkin (A)

Avg. Rating 9.0
2 Ratings


Side Dark
Rarity Rare
Version A
Type Character
Points 3



Card Number
73 / 105

Wizards of the Coast
Publish Date

Wizards of the Coast

Card Text

When the roll for build points is made, if Tarkin is in the Character arena, you get +1 build point this turn.

As long as Tarkin is in the Character arena, each of your Jedi gets "Pay 1 Force    Retaliate 4".

Usage Notes

If no roll for build points is made, Tarkin's first ability has no effect. "If Tarkin is in the Character arena" has no significance.


Retaliate X: A layered ability activated during the attack POP that means, "If a unit in the same arena as this unit is attacking this unit, this unit does X dice of damage to that unit when the attack ends." A Retaliate ability without an activation cost has a printed cost of "Pay 0 Force -->". Retaliate resolves when the attack ends, even if your unit gets discarded. Retaliate dice are just dice of damage, not attack dice, and can trigger Stun. Retaliate based on a unit’s power is based on its total power at the time the Retaliate is activated. Retaliate doesn't work with attacks from another arena (such as Bombard and Ion Cannon) or the build zone. A unit may retaliate against itself if it attacks itself. Each Retaliate may be used once per attack. Each defending unit can activate Retaliate during the attack POP, which resolve in their order when the attack ends, even if the retaliating unit is discarded.

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