Slave I (H)

Slave I (H)

Avg. Rating 5.0
1 Rating


Side Neutral
Rarity Rare
Version H
Type Space
Points 3




Card Number
23 / 78

Independent Development Committee
Publish Date

Independent Development Committee

Card Text

As long as this card is on top or beneath the top card of Slave I's stack, Slave I gets"Treat Slave I as a Bounty Hunter" and "Slave I gets +1 health for each Equipment card attached to it."

When this card is discarded, lose 3 Force.

As long as this card is in your discard pile, you don't have to pay the equip costs to attach Equipment to your Assassins or Bounty Hunters.

Usage Notes

Slave I's second ability triggers whether Slave I is discarded or "put into the discard pile".| Slave I's last ability works while in the discard pile.


Bounty: [bonus]: A layered ability triggered during a unit discard that means, "When another unit is discarded by damage from this unit, you gain the following when your next build step starts." Bounty triggers even if the attacking unit leaves play. Bounty works in the build zone. You will gain the bounty even if the attacking unit is sent to the discard pile. The unit can't collect a bounty on itself.
Stack: [List]: A layered, static ability that means "You may put a listed card under this unit as part of its stack." The listed cards can't be on top of the stack. Cards with the Stack ability don't count as the cards listed and don't contest with any of the listed cards. If a card is listed by its name you can't stack a card with a different name unless it satisfies a different criteria in the [list] or they represent the same unit. (See the "Different Versions with Different Names" section in the rules PDF) Unlike a normal stack, you can only have one version of each unique unit from the [list] in the stack. Non-unique cards listed on a card with the Stack ability are permitted to form a part of the stack and you can have multiple cards with the same name in the stack as long as they are non-unique. Cards added to a card's stack using the Stack ability cannot exceed the 4 card maximum normal stacking rule. If a unique card with the Stack ability has another version of itself move to the top of it's stack, discard any cards in the stack that can't stack with the new version on top of the stack.

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